Color Control and Standardization across printing technologies

Alwan's Hydra Profiling® - Spectral Profiling of Printing Processes

Hydra profiling® enables printers to profile conventional and digital presses easily and accurately.
  • Profile any printing process: digital, offset, flexography and gravure
  • Profile any conventional and non-conventional fixed palette (4, 5, 6 and 7 colors)
  • Profile any ink set: pigment based, dye based, water based, UV, HUV, EB, etc.
  • Profile any substrate: paper, board, film, plastic, metallic, etc.
  • Profile process in production and without dedicated print session (Alwan PrintStandardizer, paid option)
  • Use Hydra® charts with the smallest number of patches for each process: 40 for offset, 341 for digital
  • Hydra® charts can be customized by Alwan technical support services for your printing process and measuring instrument specifics
  • Available in Alwan ColorHub 6.x (paid option)
  • Available in Alwan PrintStandardizer 6.x (paid option)
  • Available in Alwan ToolBox 1.x (paid option)
  • Accurate spot colors
  • Smooth gradients
  • Pleasant images
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