March 2008 - Alwan Color Expertise showcases expanded product range at drupa innovation park, Hall 7

Announcing new series of ICC color management software
for the desktop environment

Brussels, March 19th, 2008 - Alwan Color Expertise, a world leader in color management and standardization software, will present the latest innovations in their line of color management solutions for the desktop environment. A new series of ICC color management software will be unveiled at the drupa innovation park, Hall 7/7.0C.

The new ICC color management software builds on the success of the Alwan CMYK Optimizer servers, now installed on over 400 printers worldwide. Alwan Color Expertise has a firm commitment to making color management affordable to all market segments via the use of its ICC device and Dynamic DeviceLink profiles. This approach will enable small, medium and large sized companies to find creative solutions that deliver the best “value for money”.

Elie Khoury, President of Alwan Color Expertise, comments: “ICC Color Management still generates a lot of confusion in the industry, a misconception that is maintained and amplified by some proprietary systems vendors. Users are often convinced ICC color management is inefficient, inappropriate for print workflows and unable to preserve black text and images or any primary ink purity. As an ICC member and strong advocate and supplier of standardized color management solutions, Alwan will continue to further develop ICC profile-based solutions that address the needs of the graphic arts industry. Drupa represents the perfect opportunity for our company to show ‘real life’ samples to potential customers, enabling them to assess the results from real applications.”

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December 2007 - Worldwide Launch of KEE Consultants Network

New reference platform and resource center
for graphic arts professionals

Lyon, December 17th, 2007 – Elie Khoury, founder and President of Alwan Color Expertise, world leader in standardization and implementation of color management, announces the creation of KEE Consultants – a resource network which will actively promote, contribute to and be instrumental in implementing industry standards and best practices.
KEE Consultants wil offer on-line and on-site consultancy, training and services exclusively related to ISO standards implementation and certification.

The debut of this exciting new resource network was announced during Alwan Color Expertise Partners Event in Dublin, early November 2007. Elie Khoury explains: "Our Partners Event was an excellent venue for kicking off the KEE Consultants Network. It's a good example of how Alwan has taken a leading role in our industry not only as a technology provider, but also as a business company that is able to promote vendor-independent activities and information. We take pride in delivering answers to key issues that impact graphic arts professionals."

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Alwan Color Expertise, Ugra and KEE Consultants

One-stop destination about ISO 12647 standards, tools and services 

Düsseldorf (Germany), May 29, 2008 – At drupa 2008 Alwan Color Expertise will partner with Ugra, the respected research and certification organization for the Graphic Arts Industry, to provide drupa visitors with information and demonstrations of the latest ISO 12467 Standardization and Certification tools and methods.
KEE Consultants, the international network of experts offering on-line and on-site consultancy, training and services exclusively related to ISO 12647 standards implementation and certification, will also participate in this collaboration. The three industry standards’ advocates will offer a one-stop information center featuring their complementary products and services at Alwan's stand 7.0C in Hall 7. 

Ugra control strips and software tools allow users to control the quality of all their devices, from monitor display to press. Ugra’s PSO/ISO 12647 certification is a comprehensive certification method for the graphic industry. It combines ISO 9000, ISO 12647 and related standards in a refined and efficient format to ensure that a certified company is able to provide its clients with high quality prints that correspond to international standards for every job.

Alwan CMYK Optimizer is a PDF color pre-flight and standardization technology that is recommended by Ugra for file standardization. Each one of the four full-featured software solutions within the Alwan CMYK Optimizer product family delivers specialized capabilities that enable all partners along the production line, from design to print, to guarantee the color accuracy, predictability and reproducibility of their work, while ensuring optimum production further down the line.

KEE Consultants is an international network of consultants accredited by Ugra to deliver ISO 12647 Standardization Services in Europe and on an exclusive basis in France and in the UK. KEE Consultants offer end-users, corporations and OEMs a wide range of on-line and on-site services including training, seminars, audits, preparation for certification, methodology and technical services related to color and color reproduction.

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Alwan Donates Advanced Color Management Software and Training to RIT School of Print Media

Lyon, France & Rochester NY, April 17, 2008  -- Alwan Color Expertise, a world leader in color management and standardization software, and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) are pleased to announce that Alwan has donated a suite of its advanced color management software solutions to benefit students at RIT’s School of Print Media (SPM).

The software suite, including Alwan CMYK Optimizer, Alwan LinkProfiler and Alwan  ColorPursuit, has been installed in RIT’s SPM Color Management System Lab. Alwan software are used by pre-media and prepress companies to produce color accurate printable files, and allows printers to control and improve the printability of the files and achieve optimum ink savings without sacrificing print quality.

“Alwan Color Expertise is world-renowned for its advanced color management and standardization software.  In addition to helping the print and publishing industry to streamline and improve color quality, the company is also dedicated to educating the market on the importance of color management and how to implement the newest methodologies and technologies.  We are thankful to have the support of cutting edge companies such as Alwan,” says Professor Robert Chung, Gravure Research Professor, RIT School of Print Media.

Elie Khoury, president and founder of Alwan, says, “RIT is one of the world’s most respected institutions for color management and print education.  We are honored to be able to support RIT and our future print professionals.”

In addition to the donation, Khoury recently presented a lecture, hosted by Professor Chung at RIT, in the Advanced Color Management class. His topic was ICC color management trends and the use of Alwan software to standardize color data for high-volume standardized printing.

Khoury also spoke on “Technology Standards, Color Management, and Their Impact in the Gravure Printing Industry” at RIT Gravure Day, held March 25, 2008.

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Alwan Color Expertise Signs Distribution Agreement with Quentin Spol.s.r.o for Czech Market

Lyon, April 7th, 2008 - Alwan Color Expertise, a world leader in standardization and color management software, announces it has signed a distribution agreement with  Quentin Spol s.r.o. Under the terms of the agreement, effective as of April 1st, 2008,  Quentin s.r.o. extends the Alwan network of professional color consultants for selling and servicing the Alwan Product range in the Czech Republic. 


Mark Coufal, Sales Director at Quentin s.r.o : “It appeared to us that Alwan is a very innovating company with great technology and is a leader in color management and standardization. A thorough assessment of the firm’s offer convinced Quentin s.r.o. to market  Alwan’s product portfolio with its unique Dynamic Device Links technology . It is  a unique solution for printers who seek simpler, yet high-quality color management and also want to implement the standardized process such as the ISO 12647 standard. We are glad to have this product line in our portfolio now.”


Elie Khoury, president of Alwan Color Expertise, is happy to welcome Quentin s.r.o. as an Alwan partner. He says, “Quentin s.r.o.’s partnership with Alwan is perfect. The firm has  an excellent team of specialists in house who know  their printers’needs! Moreover, Quentin s.r.o. boasts the same values as Alwan: irreproachable quality, service and dedication, commitment to client satisfaction, innovative technology . I trust Alwan and Quentin s.r.o. will enjoy a successful long-term partnership.

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