January 2012: SunDance Graphics, Nationally-awarded Orlando print company, reveals the secret of its production accuracy and consistency

SunDance Graphics, Nationally-awarded Orlando print company, reveals the secret of its production accuracy and consistency: the state-of-the-art quality control system, Alwan Print Standardizer.

Lyon, France, January 24, 2012. SunDance Graphics, one of the most renowned and awarded print-company in the USA redefines production accuracy and consistency limits with Alwan Color Expertise’s Print Standardizer.

With more awards than employees, Sundance Graphics is an enigma. Whereas no one can question the production quality of the Orlando printer, some are eager to know what technology enables such accuracy.
“Our business is in art print reproduction,” said JohnHenry Ruggieri, Director of Operations. “On the initial run we need to match the artist’s original piece, and then we must reproduce that run 6 months to a year later. Often these pieces are “mates”, meaning one run will be hanging right next to a piece done on a previous run, so color variance is very easily noticed.” With such high customer expectations, SunDance Graphics needed an automatic high-performance solution.

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Automated color calibration saves time and produces superior results

Cambridge UK, xnd October, 2011: An automated print standardization solution for the press room that is affordable and easy-to-implement is now available with the Harlequin RIP Version 9.0 following the announcement today by Global Graphics and Alwan Color Expertise that they have worked together to interconnect their systems.

The Harlequin RIP Version 9.0 together with Alwan’s PRINT Standardizer X3.5 enable fully automated digital printer and offset press calibration and conformance with ISO and G7 printing conditions.

Despite their very different technologies, analog and digital printers share at least two common characteristics: dependency on printed substrate, and instability over time and with variations on ambient conditions. Between them these lead to variability in printed colors from the same device between jobs. With the Harlequin RIP and Alwan PRINT Standardizer X3.5 color reproduction can be made consistent, predictable and repeatable across any number of devices without manual intervention.

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August 2011: Alwan Color Expertise launches the PC version of its leading print standardization solution at GraphExpo'11 booth 439

Alwan Color Expertise launches the PC version of its leading print standardization solution at GraphExpo'11 booth 439
Lyon, August 23, 2011, Alwan Color Expertise, a world leader in Color Management and Standardization technologies will launch the new PC version of its PRINT Standardizer™ software at GraphExpo'11, booth 439, September 10-14 2011.
Alwan PRINT Standardizer v3.5, featuring a new automated G7™ and ISO 12647 conformance feature will be demonstrated in combination with Digital Information InkZone closed-loop solution.
David Hunter, Alwan Color Expertise's representative for North America is excited about the new opportunities that Alwan's cross-platform solution offer to the market: "With PRINT Standardizer Mac and PC versions, Hunter says, "Alwan offers its users the possibility to take automation to the next level regardless of their press instrument, closed-loop solution, their prepress workflow or their hardware platform of choice."
Press embedded as well as press-side solutions such as InkZone closed loop automatically adjust the ink keys for printed solids to match GRACoL™ and ISO coated. Alwan PRINT Standardizer closed loop combined with the CTP RIP can manually or automatically adjust the compensation curves for NPDC, TVI, and Spread to match GRACoL™ and ISO coated as well. Alwan PRINT Standardizer v3.5 delivers printers a unique and unprecedented fully automated Instrument-to-RIP-to-Press closed loop system that produces G7™ and ISO 12647 compliant jobs automatically and without interruption.

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May 2011: RIT Launches Printing Standards Audit Certification

Rochester Institute of Technology has announced the commercial launch of PSAsm Certification. PSAsm Certification, or Printing Standards Audit Certification, is a rigorous, objective process for assessing a printer's ability to operate a standards-compliant workflow. Such workflows are fundamental to creating efficient print supply chains, especially as printers adopt new technologies and supply chains become more international in character. By attaining PSA Certification, printers can objectively demonstrate that they have mastered the use of standards in the workflows they operate.

PSA development began more than a year ago when professor Robert Chung of RIT's School of Print Media surveyed standards assessment practices with international leaders including KEE Consultants (France), Fogra (Germany), Ugra (Switzerland), SCGM (Netherlands), BPiF (UK) and IDEAlliance (U.S.). Each of these organizations welcomed Chung and contributed to the development of RIT's global approach to certification. During this period, he was able to engage in extensive conversations with experts in the field and participate in the training programs when they were offered.

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May 2011: KEE Consultants Joined RIT for Gravure Day 2011

Representatives of industry, academia and the international standards community met to discuss "What Drives Print Global?" at Rochester Institute of Technology's annual Gravure Day event. Nearly 50 RIT undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members and invited guests participated in the March 31 event and learned how standards are helping print become a global industry.

KEE Consultants, an international standards consultant based in France, added a global perspective to the event. Elie Khoury, CEO of KEE Consultants and Alwan Color Expertise, has a long history of collaborating with and supporting RIT. Khoury gave a presentation, "ISO Standards and Print Globalization," summarizing his nearly 15 years of experience implementing graphic arts standards. Khoury cited several examples of how embracing these standards led to superior results. At the national level, Khoury discussed how Germany had become the global leader in adopting graphic arts standards (with more than 400 printers being certified as ISO 12647-2 compliant).

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