January 2012: SunDance Graphics, Nationally-awarded Orlando print company, reveals the secret of its production accuracy and consistency

SunDance Graphics, Nationally-awarded Orlando print company, reveals the secret of its production accuracy and consistency: the state-of-the-art quality control system, Alwan Print Standardizer.

Lyon, France, January 24, 2012. SunDance Graphics, one of the most renowned and awarded print-company in the USA redefines production accuracy and consistency limits with Alwan Color Expertise’s Print Standardizer.

With more awards than employees, Sundance Graphics is an enigma. Whereas no one can question the production quality of the Orlando printer, some are eager to know what technology enables such accuracy.
“Our business is in art print reproduction,” said JohnHenry Ruggieri, Director of Operations. “On the initial run we need to match the artist’s original piece, and then we must reproduce that run 6 months to a year later. Often these pieces are “mates”, meaning one run will be hanging right next to a piece done on a previous run, so color variance is very easily noticed.” With such high customer expectations, SunDance Graphics needed an automatic high-performance solution.
They sought a solution that had the ability to be quickly integrated into the workflow, that was easy to use and was independent of any manufacturer, allowing flexibility and freedom of choice in future equipment updates.
“We had consultants from three companies come out to help us before we went with Alwan Print Standardizer,” confessed Ruggieri, revealing the winner of his tests. Available on both Mac OS and Windows, Alwan Print Standardizer can be connected to any measurement instrument, and requires one hour at most to instal.
“Installation was very quick and easy, while Alwan Print Standardizer helped greatly with print quality and matching proofs,” added the Director of Operations, who had appointed the Expert Consultant David Hunter from Pilot Marketing to lead the project.
As a successful and growing print company, SunDance Graphics continues its development with Alwan’s solution, which doesn’t just maintain the highest accuracy and consistency, but also meets ISO standards and G7® calibration, helping to cut waste and reduce make-ready time to the minimum, and offering one of the fastest returns on investment in Automatic Standardization solutions marketed today. “A return on investment of 1-3 months, depending on whether or not I included some of the immeasurable savings” concluded Ruggieri.

About SunDance Graphics
SunDance Graphics is a art publisher and art licensor committed to providing unique, trend- conscious art for the home décor. Its sister company SunDance Marketing Solutions is an Orlando Florida-based full service commercial printer, with services spanning digital printing, offset commercial printing, large format and integrated marketing services.
A Certified Woman Owned Enterprise (WBENC), SunDance is also the first certified offset Sustainable Green Printer (SGP) in the state of Florida. For more information contact: Brad Taylor at 407-563-5004 or visit the website at www.sundanceorlando.com .
About Pilot Marketing
Dave Hunter is the founder, and principal of Pilot Marketing Group, Alwan's representative in North America. Dave is also a leading G7 expert. For more information about Pilot Marketing, please contact Dave at www.pilotmarketing.com

About Alwan Color Expertise
Alwan Color Expertise was founded in Lyon, France, in 1997 by the current President Elie Khoury. His vision - to demonstrate how important standardizing and controlling color is throughout every stage of production - has resulted in the company becoming a world leader in standardization and color management implementation. Today, Alwan provides software and consultancy to key players throughout the graphic arts industry, from printers to publishers and from software developers to hardware manufacturers.
For more informationabout Alwan, please contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  www.alwancolor.com

About Alwan PRINT Standardizer
Alwan Print Standardizer®, is an Industry-First automated Quality Control and Assurance server system for the pressroom. It guarantees compliance with G7®, PSO (Process Standard Offset) and ISO 12647 certification requirements for the pressroom after few days in production



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