May 2013: Alwan Color Expertise and Compose Systems Launch LinkProfiler Plugin enabling State-of-the-Art  Color Management, TAC Reduction and Ink Savings  to Global Graphics Harlequin RIPs

Alwan Color Expertise and Compose Systems Launch LinkProfiler Plugin enabling State-of-the-Art Color Management, TAC Reduction and Ink Savings to Global Graphics Harlequin RIPs   
Lyon - HongKong May 20, 2013– Alwan Color Expertise, a worldwide leader in color management and standardization software have made its leading DeviceLink technology available to Harlqequin RIP users thanks to Compose Systems' LinkProfiler® plugin. Alwan's awarded DeviceLink technology enables Harlequin RIP users to seamlessly apply color management, TAC reduction, and ink savings on their RIP, without any add-on to their production workflow.  
Tom Sit, CEO of Compose System is thrilled: "Compose is an Alwan distributor and an OEM partner for Global Graphics Harlequin RIP for last 20 years. We have thousands of satisfied users printing with Alwan and Harlequin technologies worldwide. However these two complementary solutions were separate and available on different platforms. Now, thanks to Alwan, Compose and Global Graphics joint efforts, we have succeeded to integrate Alwan award winning DeviceLink Profile technology in the Harlequin RIP, enabling thousands of additional users to benefit from Alwan's industry reference color management and standardization technology using a Harlequin based RIP.   
Elie Khoury, founder and president of Alwan Color expertise explains the benefits of this new solution: "Matching colors, problem-free printing, and minimum cost are the three requirements that most print providers have. Small print margins and short delays do not allow printers anymore to re-print a job due to imperfectly prepared files. Alwan LinkProfiler plugin allows Harlequin RIP users to use the color management framework provided by their RIP to create and apply Alwan DeviceLink profiles as part of the ripping process. Alwan DeviceLinks will color manage ripped files and/or limit their ink coverage (TAC) and/or optimize their black generation automatically and without any manual intervention. When this is done, printer can be confident that the job being printed on his analog press or digital printer will be free of problem and generating maximum profits.  
Tom Sit concludes: "Alwan LinkProfiler plugin is in line with Alwan and Compose's strategy to offer integrated solutions that will allow users to automate as much as possible their printing processes. With the global adoption of printing standards on one hand, and the increasing need for cost effective printing on the other hand, we decided to give Harlequin RIP users the ability not just to manage their colors, but to produce standardized colors that will print without any problem and with minimum ink consumption on any printing machine. Alwan, Compose and Global Graphics did a great job in providing to the printing industry an elegant and proven solution that is widely recognized for its performance and adoption. Alwan LinkProfiler will be an excellent addition to our Harlequin RIP plugins. This is great news for our market."  
Alwan LinkProfiler plugin is available in 3 versions - Prepress, Press and ECO - with a price starting from 1,800€/$2,340.  
 About Compose Systems  
Compose System Limited is a private company with headquarters based in Hong Kong with offices in China, America and Europe. Compose products are sold and supported through our strong network of dealers spanning five continents. 
Founded in 1987 by Tom Sit, Compose has established the reputation as a leading Harlequin OEM. Compose's team of highly focused and talented experts are passionate about developing RIPs, workflows, and printing solutions.  
Compose is committed to developing prepress solutions to enable our customers to grow their systems as required, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership and maximizing customer’s benefits.  
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