August 2013: Vibrant Colors and Success for Printers Adopting Alwan Color Expertise’s New HIFI Technologies.

Vibrant Colors and Success for Printers Adopting Alwan Color Expertise’s New HIFI Technologies.

Lyon – France – August, 5 2013, Industry first: Alwan Color Expertise, a leader in color control and standardization technologies, hit a major milestone with the release of its complete suite of multicolor and HiFi solutions. Printers using Alwan software to color manage and control their jobs will be able to print accurate brand colors and vibrant expanded gamuts with unprecedented automation. Alwan HiFi solutions will be demonstrated at Print13. Come visit us at Booth #4948, September 8-12 2013 and learn how Alwan automation solutions drive efficiency, reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

« Consumer products necessitating multiple printing processes – such as offset, digital and flexo – are very common today. Printing plants integrating several printing technologies are also becoming widespread. These printing workflows require sophisticated technologies in order to maximize, harmonize and control different process capabilities: color management in prepress, color calibration and profiling in the pressroom, and color control in the entire workflow. Thanks to Alwan, these technologies, once available only to the happy few, are now within the reach of the entire graphic arts industry.” announced Elie Khoury, founder and president of Alwan.

Alwan HIFI technologies are available as new options and editions of the current suite of Alwan color management, print and verification software: CMYK Optimizer, PRINT Standardizer and PRINT Verifier.

CMYK Optimizer 4.0 provides HiFi support for spot colors and images. It also offers sophisticated HiFi color separation options such as minimum TAC and minimum number of primaries. This is very useful for multicolor printing processes like flexography. Print Standardizer 5.0 ensures spectral linearization and calibration for spot colors, spectral calibration and profiling for multicolor processes allowing the optimization and maintaining of the printing conditions that are anticipated in prepress with CMYK Optimizer HiFi. Print Verifier 3.0 ensures brand color and process color control for both proofing and printing systems. Conforms with international standards such as ISO 12647 series, CGATS TR015/G7® ;CGATS.21/ISO 15339 print aims and CGATS TR016 for tolerancing guidelines.

In addition to its multicolor technologies, Alwan’s new software will embed ground-breaking and innovating technologies that will enable print buyers and printers to communicate and share secure and reliable production data:

"Color Library" technology allows the definition of process colors as well as spot colors that need to be assessed and controlled throughout the production workflow.
"Job Conformance" technology allows the definition of printing aims and tolerances for each job taking the guesswork out of the production run

Alwan‘s new metadata system enables fully automated, secured color management and reproduction with all prepress workflows and printing technologies.

Dave Hunter, a recognized G7®, G7PC® and PSA® Expert and Alwan representative in North America proudly adds: “This unique and complete suite of solutions will enable commercial, packaging, label and specialty printers to easily optimize and control their CMYK, spot color, multicolor and expanded gamut printing while maintaining at the same time the shared appearance of their reproductions thanks to the certified G7® calibration technology that is imbedded within the software.”

By providing its HiFi technologies to the printing industry, Alwan has again demonstrated its color expertise and dedication to bringing innovating technologies to the printing industry.

“We are all very excited to welcome visitors at Print13 Booth #4948 to experience this unique and incredible suite of HiFi solutions in action.” concluded Elie Khoury.



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