November 2013: 1st IDEAlliance Europe Symposium Focus – New ISO Printing Standards & Future of Printing

1st IDEAlliance Europe Symposium Focus – New ISO Printing Standards & Future of Printing

Lyon – France – August, 28 2013 - IDEAlliance Europe, the most recent IDEAlliance (International Digital Enterprise Alliance) Affiliate, initiates its European action by organizing a symposium which will inform the European graphic industry about the new ISO printing standards and how they enable process control and color matching across printing technologies.

IDEAlliance Europe, whose mission is to promote best practices for efficient end-to-end digital media workflows, will present and recognize new Printing Standards at the «International Printing Standards Symposium », on November 4, 2013 in Lyon - France. This event will be organized by UNIC - the French Graphic Industry Association - and KEE Consultants - an international technical resource center and laboratory - in coordination with IDEAlliance US.

This Symposium will be paramount for all those looking to improve color management, process efficiencies and business profitability for hybrid printing workflows and technologies. "Today, globalized markets and tough economy require a doubled effort from printers to produce to industry recognized output conditions and to reduce their production costs » commented Elie Khoury, IDEAlliance-Europe Affiliate Director and Chair of KEE Consultants. « There is a considerable need for educational assistance to succeed these challenges. Thanks to IDEAlliance Europe programs and actions, European printers will learn why and how to adopt and implement international standards in their workflows", Khoury added.
The "International Printing Standards Symposium” IDEAlliance Europe "International Printing Standards Symposium” will present for the first time :

  • ISO 15339 Part I & II: Colorimetry and Characterization Reference Print Conditions
  • ISO 12647-2:  What’s new
  • RIT PSA & Fogra PSO:  Requirements and benefits
  • ISO 16761: Printing Workflow Requirements draft standard
  • TR015 Graphic Technology: Methodology for Establishing Printing Aims Based on a Shared Near-neutral Gray-scale

By defining internationally recognized characterization data sets, process conformance criteria, and color conformance criteria, these standards will enable printers to achieve accurate, predictable and reproducible colors across printing technologies, and to meet their customers' expectations more efficiently. The symposium will also be the opportunity for users and experts to share ideas and experience. Speakers from IDEAlliance, KEE Consultants, RIT and FOGRA will be in attendance to present these new standards and to explain their impact on future printing workflows.

"Standards define the baseline for our print manufacturing process. We work in a dynamic and global environment, the ability to pull various standards together that enable our workflow to meet the customers expectations is defining the future of print", comments Joe Fazzi, IDEAlliance US Vice President. “We welcome our European Affiliate support in helping the printing industry work better and respond to the challenges and opportunities it is currently facing.

Pascal Bovero for UNIC concludes: "The future of the commercial printing industry will depend on its ability to adapt to the new market realities and working to standards will become a requirement for all printers. We are convinced that this "International Printing Standards Symposium” will be the first step of a turning point for the European graphic industry."

About IDEAlliance Europe "International Printing Standards Symposium” Date: November 4, 2013
Place: Lyon, France
Time: 10 AM - 5 PM
Language: English
Level: Advanced
Entrance fee: 390€ (including conference attendance, welcome cocktail, coffee breaks, lunch and documentation)
Registration form : please, click here  and complete the form to attend the Symposium
For more information on IDEAlliance Europe Symposium:
Adeline Leduc - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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