More Ink Savings and More Accuracy with Alwan ColorHub 6.5!

The latest version of Alwan ColorHub Eco offers greater ink saving capabilities, coupled with improved color accuracy. Find out more about Alwan ColorHub Eco 6.5.

More and More Ink Savings
Demand for ink savings – be it for economical or ecological reasons – was never stronger.

Printers need to decrease direct costs to increase their margins. To achieve that, in most cases, they are willing to allow for a non-significant color deviation in counterpart of significant ink savings.

Thanks to Alwan's multicolor technology, we were able to achieve these 2 goals.

The new "Minimum TAC and Ink Usage" (MTIU) feature offers ACH users the ability to choose a new strategy for calculating device values, which is Minimum TAC centric instead of being Maximum Black centric. Users define the additional ∆E they are willing to accept on the "Ink Saving Boost” (ISB) slider ranging from ∆E 0 to ∆E 2.

Production tests with offset and digital printers have confirmed that up to ∆E 2, differences with Dynamic Maximum Black (DMB) 10 separations barely show any visible difference once printed while delivering up to 18% additional ink savings for some files.



More and More Accuracy
∆E00 is the standard ∆E formula used by the new ISO standards and generally by the graphic arts industry.

∆E00 is now an option in DVLP Generation parameters that has to be chosen manually, as it delivers slightly different results than ACH default ∆E 94 formula.

It is highly recommended to use ∆E00 formula for 2 reasons:

  • It will give you more accurate colors and lower ∆E when print is verified using ∆E00 based conformance assessment such as with ISO 12647-7; and
  • ∆E00 formula delivers up to 3% more ink savings when used with MTIU and ISB.



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