Discover the new features of Alwan Color Suite 6!

Alwan Color Expertise recently released the version 6 of their Color Suite: Alwan ColorHub, Alwan PrintStandardizer and Alwan PrintVerifier. Find out more about our latest innovative technologies and features that set new industry standards for automated color management and process control.

Color management: Alwan ColorHub
The version 6 of Alwan’s flagship color management server is now available and remains one of the best in class in terms of color separation, color optimization and ink savings, regardless of the color spaces of input PDF files and output printing processes.
For more information, please read our Alwan ColorHub brochure.

Process control: Alwan PrintStandardizer
With Alwan PrintStandardizer in the press room, printers can easily and quickly calibrate and profile their presses thanks to measurements made in production. Curves and profiles can then be applied in prepress thanks to automated communication with ACH.
For more information, please read our Alwan PrintStandardizer brochure.

Color control: Alwan PrintVerifier
Alwan PrintVerifier is a simple and reliable quality control tool, offering ISO 12647 and G7® conformance reports.
For more information, please read our Alwan PrintVerifier brochure.

Spectral profiling with Hydra®
Available as an option in Alwan ColorHub and Alwan PrintStandardizer, Hydra Profiling® is the latest spectral prediction technology developed by Alwan.
In APS, Hydra® lets printers build accurate ICC profiles automatically in production from a smaller number of patches (only 40 for conventional offset), making the process easier and more cost-effective.
In ACH, Hydra® allows printers build accurate ICC profiles from any spectral measurement data and lets them update the profiles on the go when characterized data is available.
For more information, please read our Hydra Profiling® brochure or watch our Hydra Profiling® webinar.

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