Exciting new technologies at Drupa 2016!

Alwan Color Expertise presented and demonstrated the version 6 of its Color Suite at Drupa 2016 with 2 new exciting technologies for the printing industry!

Automated Press Profiling for printers
Everybody agrees today that in order to print accurate colors, print devices should be calibrated, profiled and color managed. Calibration makes print devices tone reproduction stable and consistent, profiling makes their color reproduction predictable and accurate, and color management makes incoming job color definition match actual device capabilities".
The new Alwan suite of software – ColorHub, PrintStandardizer and PrintVerifier – enables printers to calibrate and profile their print devices during production without the need for costly expertise or dedicated print sessions.
Printers are now able to calibrate and profile their devices automatically and without interruption of production, taking into account any change in ink, substrate, or ambiant conditions virtually in real-time.

Accurate Spot Colors for brand owners
Achieving consistent and accurate colors across products, processes and substrates has always been the Holy Grail for brand owners. Named colors, conventional techniques and colorimetric definition of spot colors did not allow easy and accurate ink formulation and color reproduction of spot colors".
Thanks to the recent CxF/X-4 standard that Alwan Color Suite 6 supports, brand owners and designers can accurately define, predict and reproduce their spot colors everywhere, everytime

For more information or a demo trial version, contact us at: info@alwancolor.com




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