Drupa 2016 - Experience Alwan Color Suite 6

Alwan Team is proud to announce version 6 of its Color Suite at Drupa! Below a Sneak Preview of Drupa announcements and new technologies release.

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Touch the future with Alwan CxF/X-4 Workflow - Color Definition
Challenge - Achieving consistent and accurate spot colors across products, processes and substrates has always been the holy graal for brand owners. Named colors, conventional techniques and colorimetric definition of spot colors do not allow easy and accurate ink formulation and color reproduction of spot colors.

Alwan Color Suite 6
. CxF/X-4 generation
. CxF/X-4 cloud data base
. CxF/X-4 management throughout the workflow

Customer Benefits - Spot colors and tints can be measured, defined and managed spectrally, enabling easy and accurate reproduction across substrates and printing processes. Brand owners and designers can accurately define, store and make available their spot colors. Printers are able to retrieve color information and reproduce it accurately and consistently on any print device.

Touch the future with Alwan Inline Profiling - Color Reproduction
Challenge - Profiling has been and still is the pain point and often the missing link in the color managed workflow. Long, costly, complicated, off-production and often unsuccessful, many printers do not profile often enough or even at all their conventional or digital device.

Alwan Color Suite 6
. Device Profile generation during production
. Automated color management update

Customer Benefits - Printers can calibrate and profile their device automatically and without interruption of production taking into account any change in ink, substrate, or ambiant conditions virtually in real-time. Pressroom productivity is boosted color accuracy is improved regardless of printed product: package, label, magazine, catalogue, newspaper, etc.

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