Alwan Color Expertise and Bodoni Systems Usher In New Era of Practical Pressroom Colour Management

Alwan Color Expertise and Bodoni Systems Usher In New Era of Practical Pressroom Colour Management

ISO-12647 Solution Insures Consistency, Stability, Faster Makeready and Ink Savings

Vienna, 8 October 2007 (IFRA) – Alwan Color Expertise and Bodoni Systems Ltd. are utilizing IFRA to showcase their combined solution insuring fast makereadies, increased stability, ink savings, and ISO-12647 standard output. The integrated offering, being demonstrated at IFRA exhibit A765 taking place here from October 8-11, features Alwan’s CMYK Optimizer version 3 and Bodoni pressSIGN.

Alwan CMYK Optimizer version 3 is making its European debut at IFRA, after being selected as an outstanding technology on exhibit at last month’s Graph Expo in Chicago, USA. pressSIGN, Bodoni’s press TVI measurement and correction software, is being rapidly adopted throughout the UK and Europe.

“The press is the most expensive piece of equipment to purchase and run in the workflow, and so you want to set everything up to ‘march to the press” explains Ian Reid, president, Bodoni Systems Ltd. “The problem is, the press can also be the most unreliable device in the shop. This is where we concentrate our efforts with pressSIGN. By bringing Alwan CMYK Optimizer in to apply pressSIGN TVI corrections, we give our customers everything they need to get full ISO-12647 compliancy, standardised data and standardized print. Together we do the complex color work needed for certified print quality and faster production.”

“Europe and most countries worldwide want ISO-12647 standard compliance and together with Bodoni we are helping them to achieve it economically and practically,” says Elie Khoury, president and founder of Alwan Color Expertise. “Our implementations with pressSIGN have shown that press calibration to ISO specs is much easier, faster and accurate when using this software than any other technique or existing software. Combining our products is indeed a great step towards getting presses in-line with ISO specs and making jobs on press faster, with minimum waste and maximum stability.”

A similar integration with IDEALink software for G7 compliance, which is the Americas’ preferred path to ISO- 12647 compliancy, received much acclaim after its announcement at Graph Expo.

About Alwan CMYK Optimizer version 3
Alwan CMYK Optimizer enables design and prepress companies to quickly and accurately produce documents for problem-free printing. Printers gain the ability to control and improve the printability of jobs by optimizing separations according to the process, press and paper used. Files standardized using CMYK Optimizer generate accurate proofs that are easy to reproduce on press while facilitating optimal printability.

Alwan CMYK Optimizer v3’s new press calibration option enables prepress operators to use the TVI (Tonal Value Increase) calibration method, NPDC (Neutral Print Density Curve) calibration method, or ICC based method to calibrate presses according to ISO 12647-2/3 and GRACoL specifications. This insures that output files are optimized to standardized printing presses, resulting in improved quality and shorter makeready time. Version 3 also includes new image enhancement technology, integration and full support of the latest Adobe PDF Library (v 8.0), improved color rendering and dot gain management for Pantone colors, support of the latest Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications, support of the latest ICC v4 specifications/ requirements, new HTML interface, and improved processing speed.

About pressSIGN
pressSIGN measures and controls colour on press, and makes it easy to run to all the international printing standards - ISO 12647-2, ISO 12647-3, GRACoL G7, SWOP.

Choose the standard that suits your press
Select different international printing standards according to the type of press you are running, the type of paper, and the appropriate dot gain curve and your customers’ needs. You can also select the default tolerances or adjust the tolerances to suit. For example you can add tolerances for grey balance, overprint and trapping.

pressSIGN's five easy steps to achieving accurate colour reduce make-ready times and improve colour. pressSIGN's tools allow operators to test during the run and to make any density adjustments, knowing any colour shift during ink drying will be compensated for.

pressSIGN both reads the density and suggests the correct density adjustment, making it easy to get to the right settings quickly.

Setting the right dot gain curve can be difficult. pressSIGN provides users with the tools to set the correct dot gain curve quickly and easily. Read the sheet and within seconds you'll have the plate adjustment curve to add to your plate or imagesetter. Import this data directly into the most popular RIPs.

The Alwan/Bodoni solutions will be available via the Alwan network of approved resellers.

About Bodoni Systems
Bodoni Systems was established in 1990 and is one of the UK's leading colour management consultancies. We are jointly responsible with PANTONE for the Pantone Printer Accreditation Program, a training and auditing program for offset printers based on international printing standards (ISO 12647-2). In order to help printers and designers achieve the ISO standard on their presses and proofing devices we have developed pressSIGN and proofSIGN. We are Apple Solution Experts, and a member of the BPIF technical committee advising on ISO-12647 implementation and colour control within the printing industry.

Bodoni is a reseller for all major manufacturers of colour control and colour management products including Pantone, Gretag Macbeth, ColorVision, X-Rite, Epson, Imacon and others.

We run regular colour management and colour workflow training programs both at our showroom and on customer premises, and provide profiling services.

About Alwan Color Expertise
Alwan Color Expertise was founded in Lyon, France, in 1997 by president Elie Khoury. His vision - to demonstrate how standardizing and controlling color throughout every stage of production - has resulted in the company becoming a world leader in standardization and color management implementation. Today, Alwan provides software, consultancy and training to key players throughout the graphic arts industry, from printers to publishers and from software developers to hardware manufacturers. Alwan Color Expertise offers a choice of four full-featured software solutions within the Alwan CMYK Optimizer product family. Each delivers specialized capabilities that enable all partners along the graphic production line to guarantee the color accuracy of their work, while ensuring optimum production further down the line. The different versions of Alwan CMYK Optimizer can seamlessly communicate with each other via a Settings file that is integrated within the software. Photographers, publishers and printers can work using the same standards, in complete security.

Alwan Color Expertise has appointed specialist distributors for each of the targeted market segments. An ever-growing number of leading pre-press manufacturers are either bundling Alwan software with their products or recommending it with their systems, such as Dalim, Gradual, PerfectProof and most recently, Chromix and Bodoni Software. Visit for info.



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